Dedicated Servers

Plan and Pricing

Choose secure, reliable and affordable PAKISTAN based dedicated server.

CPu Ram Harddisk Bandwidth Price
Dual Core Processor 8 GB RAM (Dedicated) 1x160 GB HDD 100 GB Premium Bandwidth Rs.10000 Rs.10000
Quad Core Processor 8 GB RAM (Dedicated) 2 x 146 GB Sata Hard Drive 500 GB Premium Bandwidth Rs.20000 Rs.20000
Quad Core Processor 12 GB RAM (Dedicated) 4 x 125 GB SSD Hard Drive 500 GB Premium Bandwidth Rs.25000 Rs.25000
2xQuad Core Processor 16 GB RAM (Dedicated) 2 x 1 TB Sata Hard Drive 1000 GB Premium Bandwidth Rs.40000 Rs.40000
2xQuad Core Processor 16 GB RAM (Dedicated) 4 x 256 GB SSD Hard Drive 1000 GB Premium Bandwidth Rs.45000 Rs.45000
2xHexa Core Processor 32 GB RAM (Dedicated) 2 x 2 TB Sata Hard Drive 2000 GB Premium Bandwidth Rs.60000 Rs.60000

Dedicated Features

PAKISTAN's first IPv6 compatible dedicated servers.

100Mbps Bandwidth

All of our dedicated servers come with 100mbps connection speed port.

Unlimited Space Backup

Looking for backup now you can have unlimited backup space at very affordable additional cost.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Now access speed your data, websites with unbelievable from anywhere in Pakistan with low latency rate.

Hardware Replacement

If your server hardware get failed we will replace it free.


Dedicated Servers

Now host your data, websites in PAKISTAN at secure, reliable and affordable IPv6 based servers.


  • Linux (Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu)
  • Windows Server (2008, 2012, 2016)


  • Single Core
  • Dual Core
  • Quad Core
  • GPU Processors


  • Up to 5Tbps Capacity
  • IP Transit
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Spaces

Need Advice
on Building your Managed
Dedicated Server?

Our hosting experts available 24/7 by phone, email, chat and via ticket for your help to choose and setup dedicated server for you.